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Lens calculator


AXIS P3346 3MP Capture Mode

The focal length of the delivered lens is 3-9 mm. You can calculate at what distance to place the camera in order to capture a specific scene, or the dimensions of the scene if the distance is set.

You can also calculate the focal length of the lens you need by specifying the actual distance and scene dimensions.

Please enter the length values (distance, width or height) specified in the same measurement unit, e.g. meters or feet.  Click the button next to the parameter you want to calculate.

Width (m/ft):
Height (m/ft): Calculate
Distance (m/ft): Calculate

Ratio: 4:3
Focal length (mm): Calculate

Example: If the focal length is 3 mm and the distance to the scene is 8 meters, the calculated width and height of the scene will be and meters, respectively.


Note: The field of view may be larger, as the calculator does not account for barrel distortion of the lenses.