Embedded scripting 

This scripting guide is DISCONTINUED and only applicable to Axis video products using firmware version 4.xx.  

Most Axis video products support embedded shell scripting. It is, for example, possible to create your own web interface, create scripts that start the buffering of images, start the upload of files via FTP or SMTP, modify the existing event script etc. The functionality available may however be product/release dependent.

Important notes!  

  • Keep in mind that the flash chip manufacturer estimates the number of writes to the flash chips to about 100,000, thus you should avoid writing large numbers of temporary files to flash. Use the RAM disk mounted on /tmp instead.
  • Check the memory resources available before getting started, some video products are better suited for embedded scripting than others. Please see the Product Interface Guide below.
  • Axis Communications provides NO support for application development of any kind. The information is provided "as is", and there is no guarantee that the examples provided will work in your particular application.



Axis Scripting Guide 
Version 2 (pdf)
Guidelines and descriptions for adding your own scripts to an Axis video product, including examples.  
Please read this guide before creating your own scripts!