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AXIS Camera Application Platform


Q: We would like to develop Axis-compatible applications – where do we start?

A: Follow these steps:
  1. Sign up as an Axis Application Development Partner (ADP).
  2. Download AXIS Embedded Development SDK from Axis partner pages.
  3. Develop your application.
  4. Pass the compatibility test.
  5. Now you can market your application and submit information to Axis so that it can be posted in the application list at

Q: What is included in AXIS Embedded Development SDK?

A: The following is included:

  • A compiler system
  • APIs to access on-board device functionality
  • Documentation
  • Example code

Further information is available for Axis ADP partners on Axis Partner Pages.

Q: What kind of programming are we talking about?

A: The applications should be developed in C or C++.

Q: What development environment is supported?

A: AXIS Embedded Development SDK requires GNU/Linux operating system.

Q: Is it possible to use other programming languages than C and C++?

No, the libraries necessary to integrate with open platform is available for C and C++.

Q: Can Cygwin be used as the development environment?

A: No, AXIS Embedded Development SDK requires a complete GNU/Linux installation to work.

Q: Is it possible to make modifications to an uncompressed (“raw”) image and then feed it back to the on-board encoder? This could be used to e.g. add the drawing of a motion track to the image.

A: No, it is not possible to feed an image back from the application to the encoder of the chip.

Q: Can Axis support ADPs in developing these applications?

A: No, Axis only supports the SDK and other tools included in the concept. For external help, Axis recommends using an independent software consultant. Contact your prioritized support for contact details. Please note that any contract between third party developers and this consultant company is established without Axis’ involvement or responsibility.