IP video surveillance stops unregulated waste disposal in Buccino

Preserve the historical heritage and protect the safety of the citizens

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Preserve the historical heritage and protect the safety of the citizens
Thanks to the high image resolution of Axis network cameras, a major leap forward in the security of residents has been achieved. We are satisfied with the solution chosen by I.TIME S.p.A. and our desire for expansion confirms it.“ Pasquale Via, Mayor of Buccino.


Illegal activities related to waste disposal in recent years have seen alarming expansion, especially in the south of Italy and specifically in the province of Salerno. In Buccino, the situation has reached the tolerable limit and the mayor decided to take action against unregulated waste disposal to preserve artistic heritage and to fight petty crime.


The local administration decided to implement a video surveillance system to catch and punish those who violate the law, endangering public health and urban design. It entrusted the project to I.TIME S.p.A., who specialize in Information Technology consultation, services and solutions for businesses and Public Administration. After performing an analysis of the area and the feasibility study, I.TIME S.p.A. successfully met the needs of the City, by using an Axis video surveillance solution.


The local administration of Buccino is satisfied with the project implemented by I.TIME S.p.A. with the aid of Axis network video - and the reduction in waste disposal has been confirmed.     

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