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Porting of Dalvik VM

Category: Computer science
Scope: 2 students completing 30 credits (20 weeks) each

The surveillance industry has a number of suppliers of applications extending surveillance cameras internal analysis and decision making features. These suppliers use vendor and architecture specific API’s, SDK’s and scripting environments supplied by the camera manufacturer.

With Android now emerging as a strong and mature platform within mobile consumer products providing both vendor portability and the security mechanisms needed to execute 3:rd party developed software in a controlled environment, there is an alternative to the existing solutions. The Dalvik Virtual Machine and possibly other parts of the Android platform are potential base for 3:rd party developed applications in other consumer electronics as well.

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the possibility and benefits of porting the Dalvik VM to Axis embedded firmware platform. The thesis shall include performance, portability and security implications and investigate possibility of using specific libraries or android solutions for hardware acceleration of algorithms in third party applications.

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