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Axis Intelligent Video

These days, a massive amount video is being recorded, but never watched or reviewed, due to lack of time. As a result, events and activities are missed, and suspicious behavior is not noticed in time to prevent incidents. This has led to the development of Intelligent Video (IV).

Intelligent video comprises any solution where the video surveillance system automatically performs an analysis of the captured video. Applications range from analytics such as video motion detection and audio detection, to more advanced systems including camera tampering detection, people counting, virtual fences, and vehicle license plate recognition. The applications performing these analyses are also referred to as Video Content Analysis (VCA) or Video Analytics (VA).

What is intelligent video?

Intelligent Video is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and persons. Building this sort of analytics into network cameras has major advantages such as a more reliable and versatile video surveillance system, and drastically reduced workload for the staff.

The intelligent network camera is never idle and supports the operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is constantly on guard, waiting for an impulse to start recording or sending an alarm to the operator.

Additionally, intelligent video systems can extract video and data from surveillance video streams and integrate that information with other applications, such as retail management systems or access control systems, creating new benefits and opening up new business possibilities.