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What is a print server?

Networked printing typically accounts for more than half of all network activity. It is neither economical nor efficient to route all printing jobs through a general file server and cause the entire network to slow down. 

A dedicated PC could ease the burden on the file server but this is a costly and complex solution.

A network print server is a dedicated server that connects a printer to a network. It enables users to print independently of the file server or a dedicated PC.

Axis print servers can be internal or external. External print servers are more flexible as the same print server can be used even when the printers are changed or upgraded. Also, you can connect up to 3 printers to one print server. 

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What is a wireless print server?

A mobile print server connects a printer to a wired and/or wireless network and enables users to print wirelessly from portable devices such as mobile / cellular phones, laptops, PDAs and digital cameras, as well as traditional PCs. AXIS wireless print servers use radio technology such as IEEE 802.11g WLAN technology. This means there is no need for cables, connectors or other other networking hardware.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology enables wireless connection up to 10 meters (33 feet) in open air, and up to 5 meters (15 feet) within a building.

The 802.11g standard is often regarded as an extension of the fixed LAN. The technology has a radius coverage of up to 100 meters (333 feet) and can transmit data at up to 11 megabits per second. 

Logical Printing Concept (LPC) 

Axis print servers can be configured to alter print data to get the desired results from any type of printer e.g. changing character sets to suit a particular printer, manipulating strings before and after print data, and providing ASCII to Postscript conversion.


Axis print servers support virtually every network operating system and 28 protocols.
Axis print servers work with printers and copiers from e.g. HP, Epson, Canon, Ricoh, IBM, Lexmark, Xerox, Brother, OKI, Sharp, Kyocera, Minolta
AXIS ThinWizard is a device management tool allowing multiple Axis products to be managed in groups using a standard Web browser.
AXIS AddPrinter offers an easy network printer installation process.
FLASH-upgrade enables administrators to download and "flash" their Axis servers with new firmware upgrades over the Internet.
Troubleshooting report - all information regarding print servers can be found in one single report and sent immediately to the relevant person.
Can you network an inkjet printer with Axis print servers?
Yes, as long as the printer has a network printer driver.
Logical Printing Concept (LPC)  is available in Axis' entire range of print servers, except for the AXIS Office Basic.
Note: LPC can not be used with the NetWare protocol in print servers supporting NetWare Directory Services (NDS).
Do Axis print servers work in an IBM environment?
Axis Host to LAN print servers auto-configure into a mainframe environment without any changes to the host. They are particularly designed for the enterprise environment.
AXIS Etrax chip reliable operation with no downtime based on 15 years of experience of print server development.