System-on-Chip comparison guide AXIS ETRAX 100LX - Well-proven for embedded systems & device networking

Well-proven for embedded systems & device networking



Discontinued product

  • High performance at low power consumption
  • Feature rich integrated I/O for device attachment
  • Built-in memory controllers for low product design cost
  • Open-source development environment including tools such as GCC and GDB
  • Tailored software distribution based on Linux for kick-start development

Multiple device interfaces, Ethernet controller and a variety of memory options

Designed to meet demands for low cost, easy implementation and superior network performance, the ETRAX 100LX is Axis' sixth-generation optimized system-on-a-chip solution for putting peripherals on the network. The ETRAX 100LX was developed using 0.25µm ASIC technology.

Competitive price/performance ratio

The ETRAX 100LX with a powerful CPU, MMU (Memory Management Unit), integrated Ethernet (10/100), and many device interfaces, is a price competitive hardware option for designers of embedded Linux appliances such as Internet gateways, access control equipment, industry automation controllers, BluetoothTM appliances etc. Combined with the latest available Linux kernel, and the strong support and design help provided by Axis' engineers, product development teams are able to quickly get to market with competitive products.

For the complete specifications, please refer to the datasheet.