Product comparison guide AXIS 83+ Device Server - Development & Deployment platform for ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16

Development & Deployment platform for ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16

AXIS 83+ Device Server


Discontinued product

  • Programmable device server with Linux 2.4/2.6 based on the AXIS ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16 chip
  • 100 MIPS performance
  • Full source code available
  • Aluminum casing, suitable for deployment

Complete ‘ready-to-use’ device server with Linux & open-source applications

The AXIS 83+ Device Server is shipped as a ready-to-use device, which means that you spend no time at all on hardware development, authority approval testing, purchasing, or programming Ethernet addresses. Once your application is complete, the software is simply flash-loaded to the Device Server Platform, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

For built-in purposes

Enclosed in a durable aluminum casing, the AXIS 83+ is equipped with external connectors for dual* 100 Mbit/s Ethernet, USB, two RS-232 ports, and RS-485 connection. It is also equipped with internal connectors that accommodate one parallel port and an additional serial port.

The AXIS 83+ Device Server is compliant with immunity, emission and safety standards, and is ready for immediate deployment into industrial and other environmentally hostile environments.

The specifications are the same as for the AXIS 82+ Developer Board, but the internal pin headers are not available outside the casing.


  • AXIS ETRAX 100LX MCM4+16
  • FLASH: 8 MB, RAM: 32 MB SDRAM, 32-bit interface
  • DUAL Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s Twisted Pair
    • One using the internal full-speed 100 Mbit/s controller in the ETRAX chip
    • One using an Ethernet-to-USB controller, thus limiting the theoretical maximum speed to 12 Mbit/s (i.e. the max speed of USB 1.1)
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports, 9 pin male D-SUB (with RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD and RI signals)
  • 1 RS-485/RS-422 serial port on a screw terminal block (1 combined RX/TX pair and 1 TX pair)

For the complete specifications, please refer to the datasheet.

*Two Ethernet ports: Full 100 Mbit/s Ethernet with secondary Ethernet port limited to 12 Mbit/s (theoretically).