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Replacement AXIS Camera Station


AXIS Camera Recorder

Software for recording and monitoring

AXIS Camera Recorder software offers Windows PC users basic video recording and monitoring functions for security surveillance at an attractive price level.

The software enables live video surveillance on a PC, as well as the ability to record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm or when motion is detected.

You can be alerted to alarm events by computer sound or e-mail, and search for specific recordings by date/time or event.

AXIS Camera Recorder is ideal for maintaining a good visual track on your hotel, service site or factory, or wherever you need to record and monitor movements for safety and security.

Together with Axis network cameras and video servers, this versatile software takes advantage of your existing network infrastructure. It is easy to use, install and maintain.

AXIS Camera Recorder supports the following Axis network cameras and video servers: AXIS 205, AXIS 206, AXIS 206M, AXIS 206W, AXIS 207, AXIS 210, AXIS 210A, AXIS 211, AXIS 211A, AXIS 213 PTZ, AXIS 2100, AXIS 2110, AXIS 2120, AXIS 2130, AXIS 221, AXIS 2420, AXIS 231D, AXIS 232D, AXIS 240Q, AXIS 241, AXIS 2400+, AXIS 2401+, and AXIS 2411. The devices must have firmware 2.34 or higher installed.