Axis 3-year warranty AXIS Q8721-E Dual PTZ Network Camera - High-quality thermal detection, HDTV and PTZ surveillance all in one

High-quality thermal detection, HDTV and PTZ surveillance all in one

AXIS Q8721-E Dual PTZ Network Camera


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All regions Part number
35mm 8.3 fps 0488-001
35mm 30 fps 0489-001
60mm 8.3 fps 0490-001
60mm 30 fps 0491-001
Note: Frame rate up to 30 fps within EU, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. Up to 8.3 fps in other countries.
Frame rate above 9 fps may be subject to export control regulations.
Be aware that the unit can not be sold in all countries, see the certifications list on the datasheet.

  • Continuous rotation, endless 360° pan
  • IP66-rated
  • HDTV image quality
  • Thermal imaging

Detection, recognition, identification


PT IR Illuminator kit A

AXIS Q8721-E is a high-end combination of a visual camera with integrated 10x optical zoom lens and a thermal camera perfectly synchronized in pan and tilt movements. The thermal camera can achieve higher detection accuracy and it can also function in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions. The visual camera allows for recognition possibilities and at night, it can benefit from optional PT IR Illuminator kit A for better identification. Be aware that only this illuminator kit is recommended together with AXIS Q87-E Series.

Multiple H.264 video streams

The visual and thermal cameras can deliver several independent H.264 streams for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints simultaneously.

Outdoor-ready surveillance

AXIS Q8721-E is specially designed for reliable, weatherproof installation, with IP66-rated material for protection against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction and can operate in temperatures from -30 °C to +45 °C (-22 °F to 113 °F). Both visual and thermal cameras are connected to an Ethernet switch placed inside the housing. From that switch only one Ethernet cable is necessary to view both cameras.

AXIS Column Bracket K or AXIS Wall Bracket K (sold separately) are required for the mounting

More features

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( and cryptographic software written by Eric Young (