Product comparison guide Axis 3-year warranty AXIS P3344 Network Camera - Indoor, HDTV fixed dome with remote focus and zoom

Indoor, HDTV fixed dome with remote focus and zoom

AXIS P3344 Network Camera


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High-definition television (HDTV)

Discontinued product
AXIS P3354 | AXIS P3364-V

  • Compact and discreet design
  • HDTV quality
  • Easy installation with remote focus and zoom
  • Multiple H.264 streams
  • Day/night functionality
  • Power over Ethernet

High-performance video

The AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera offers 1MP or HDTV 720p in compliance with the SMPTE standard in resolution, color representation and frame rate. Wide dynamic range and day/night functionality enable clear images both in daylight and in dark lighting conditions. Remote zoom ensures that the viewing angle is optimized for the scene and required pixel resolution at installation. The remote focus function makes the installation convenient, eliminating the need for focusing at the camera position.

Optimized use of bandwidth and storage

Easy view set-up

Multiple H.264 streams, as well as Motion JPEG streams, can be provided simultaneously either in full frame rate or individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints.

Tamper-resistant casing

AXIS P3344 with its tamper-resistant casing, is a fixed dome specifically  designed for indoor environments where discreet and compact solutions are required. It is the perfect solution for video surveillance systems with tough quality and efficiency requirements, e.g. in retail stores, banks and airports.

Detektor Innovative Achievement AwardDetektor Innovative Achievement Award 2009

AXIS P3344 has received the Detektor Innovative Achievement Award 2009 of the CCTV category. The jury's motivation was "The AXIS P3344 HD indoor fixed dome camera marks a significant step towards a world of optimised video surveillance image quality, based on HD video and advanced remote configuration." 

GIT Security award

www.git-security.comAXIS P3344 has received the GIT Approved Test recognition in the GIT Security Camera Test.

Product evaluation

Network Webcams: "Axis has a reputation of being a premium brand, suitable for SME’s and high-end, large scale enterprise solutions and the demands of this customer base is larger, more detailed images and faster frame rates. HD IP video answers those demands with the P3344 being a good example." Read the complete review at

Pátio Batel

Customer story using the AXIS P3344 Network camera:
Shopping center invests in megapixel and improved surveillance Luxury venture in southern Brazil uses high-quality images to provide customers with security inside the building and in the parking lot - Security is a major concern among shopping center patrons in Brazil, yet camera quality is not always up to the task of meeting [...]

More features

  • Two-way audio support.
  • Intelligent capabilities such as enhanced video motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting.
  • Built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot.
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.
  • Advanced security and network management features such as HTTPS encryption with preserved performance, IPv6 and Quality of Service.
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including VAPIX® from Axis Communications.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( and cryptographic software written by Eric Young (