AXIS M7001 Video Encoder

The smallest video encoder with H.264


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AXIS M7001 Video Encoder
Region Part number
EUR 0298-001
UK 0298-001
US 0298-001
JP 0298-001
AUS 0298-001
KOREA 0298-001
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Full frame rate in all resolutions
  • Simultaneous H.264 and Motion JPEG
  • PTZ support
  • Power over Ethernet

High performance, single channel solution


The one-channel AXIS M7001 Video Encoder offers a highly compact design with superb H.264 performance. It provides an easy and cost-effective solution for integrating small or large numbers of analog CCTV cameras into an IP-based video surveillance system.

The easy way to a smarter CCTV system

The palm-sized, standalone AXIS M7001 is designed for installation close to an analog camera. It supports all types of analog cameras including PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) and PTZ domes.


AXIS M7001 is perfect for small and large analog video installations, especially where an IP network infrastructure is already in place. Its small size also makes it ideal for use in discreet surveillance applications, for example, in retail stores and banks, and in camera housings.

Reduced bandwidth and storage

AXIS M7001 can deliver two simultaneous video
streams, one in H.264 and another in Motion JPEG, at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 in NTSC, 720x576 in PAL).

The H.264 video compression format drastically reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. The video encoder also provides video motion detection. AXIS M7001 is powered over Ethernet using the same cable as for data transmission, which simplifies installation.

Český Aeroholding, a.s. (Václav Havel Airport Prague)

Customer story using the AXIS M7001 Network video encoder:
Network video surveillance at Václav Havel Airport Prague Increased security for civil aviation, efficient crime prevention and enhanced operation control with Axis network cameras - Ensuring greater security for passengers and using a uniform integrated solution to network video surveillance were the basic tasks for modernizing [...]

More features

  • Full frame rate in all resolutions and all compression formats
  • Video motion detection
  • Advanced security and network management features such as HTTPS encryption with preserved performance, IPv6 and Quality of Service.
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including VAPIX® from Axis Communications.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( and cryptographic software written by Eric Young (