Axis 3-year warranty AXIS T90A Illuminators - High-performance illumination for all conditions

High-performance illumination for all conditions

AXIS T90A Illuminators


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Compatible with:

Compatible with all Axis network video products.

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Model Part no.
AXIS T90A11 5013-111
AXIS T90A16 5013-161
AXIS T90A20 5013-201
AXIS T90A21 5013-211
AXIS T90A26 5013-261
AXIS T90A32 5013-321
AXIS T90A33 5013-331
AXIS T90A37 5013-371
AXIS T90A40 5013-401
AXIS T90A42 5013-421
  • Adaptive illumination
  • Energy saving
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Vandal-resistant
  • IP66-rated

High-performance illuminators for Axis fixed and PTZ network cameras

AXIS T90A Illuminators is a series of high-performance white and infra-red LED illuminators designed for Axis network cameras. They provide unique flexibility to alter the angle of on site illumination to suit specific security needs, and to match the network camera´s field of view.

Lower operational and maintenance costs

AXIS T90A Illuminators are high-efficiency LED’s with advanced control methods for extremely low energy consumption. They allow for huge savings in long-term operational and maintenance costs compared to traditional light bulbs.

Night-time video surveillance with outstanding reliability

The illuminators provide additional light in applications where the surrounding lighting conditions may be insufficient for effective video surveillance. The new surface-mount technology LED’s have a life-cycle of up to 10 years. No light bulbs need to be replaced. AXIS T90A Illuminators also have IP66-rated vandal-resistant casings and polycarbonate lens protection for indoor and outdoor use. This makes them perfect for security installations that require high-performance and low-maintenance illumination.


  • Low-light surveillance - 24 hours/day: where light conditions are less than optimal.
  • Discreet surveillance: where the use of artificial light is restricted.
  • Indoor and outdoor: IP66-rated vandal-resistant casings and polycarbonate lens protection for indoor and outdoor use

Note: Power over Ethernet versions are for indoor use only

With IR light

Without IR light