AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack

Full frame rate, high-density video encoder rack solution


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Region Part number
EUR 0267-002
UK 0267-003
US 0267-004
JP 0267-005
AUS 0267-006
KOREA 0267-007
CN 0267-011
  • Quick and professional installation of various video encoders in the same rack
  • Expandable system, simply by adding blades and wiring up
  • Integrated power supply, for easy installation/expansion
  • Higher density of video channels compared to standalone solution

Video server rack solution for blade video encoders

Together with Axis video encoder blades, AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack can migrate analog systems to high performance, IP-based digital solutions.

Serviceability and easy unit replacement

AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack combines high reliability and functionality with quick, flexible and professional installation. The rack holds up to 3 interchangeable and hot-swappable blades. It is designed for improved serviceability and quick replacement of units. There is no need to power down when installing or changing blades. The rack provides serial communication and I/O connectors at the rear of each slot. It has a single network connection together with integrated power for simple installation.


AXIS 291 1U is designed for applications that need to be able to expand, not only by adding more channels, but also by using different types of cameras. It is ideal for airports, hotels and train stations or other premises where analog cameras are already installed.