Discontinued product

AXIS 2490 Serial Server

The AXIS 2490 Serial Server allows serial devices to connect directly to an Ethernet network without using a PC, thus providing remote access to these resources via HTTP and TCP/IP.


  • Connects serial devices to IP networks
  • Built-in Web server
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Two RS 232 ports and one RS 485/422 port
  • Password protection and IP address filtering

Application possibilities

Older computer devices that have no network connectors can now be accessed directly via a LAN/Internet. Examples of serial devices that can be used with the serial server include card readers, keypads, control panels and bar code readers. 
The network solution makes it possible to contact the application/device remotely. The device can be managed from anywhere within the network and controlled centrally, which is useful if many people need access. Service engineers especially, will find it convenient to troubleshoot devices remotely.

Note: An application that uses a local serial port will not work with a networked serial port. To make the server's port appear as a local port on your PC, you must install and use a COM-Port Redirector.