AXIS 7000 Network Document Server

Discontinued Product

AXIS 7000 Network Document Server enables users to simultaneously scan and send digitized documents over the network to e-mail addresses, file servers, printers, URLs and the Web.

Easy to install and use, AXIS 7000 provides a faster, cheaper and safer method of distributing documents than by fax, traditional mail or courier.

AXIS 7000 also supports XML programming that enables information and documents to be inputted directly into databases and other document management applications.


  • Connects a broad range of high performance scanner devices, such as HP, Epson, Canon and Fujitsu, to an IP network
  • Supports standard image formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PCL
  • Supports XML for easy integration with applications such as document archiving, management and databases
  • Sends documents to e-mail addresses, file servers, printers, URLs or the Web.
  • Sends delivery confirmations via e-mail
  • Supports up to A3, 11"x17"


Application possibilities

Digitize paper-based documents:
Users can instantly digitize documents, photographs, reports and other information, and choose the appropriate file formats and destination for the files.

Easy integration with document management and archiving systems using XML:

  • Invoice archiving and management
  • Legal document management
  • Human Resource document management
  • Shipping document management
  • Remote scanning, central archiving