Axis High Power over Ethernet midspan & splitters - High Power over Ethernet for Axis PTZ & PTZ dome network cameras

High Power over Ethernet for Axis PTZ & PTZ dome network cameras

Axis High Power over Ethernet midspan & splitters


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Region Part number
AXIS T81B22 DC 30 W Midspan (1-port)
All regions 5023-121
AXIS T8123-E Outdoor Midspan 30 W
EUR 5030-231
UK 5030-231
US 5030-234
JP 5030-234
AUS 5030-231
KOR 5030-231
BR 5030-231
AXIS T8124 High PoE 60 W Midspan 1-port
EUR 5700-381
UK 5700-391
US 5700-401
JP 5700-411
AUS 5700-421
KOR 5700-441
AR 5700-431
CN 5700-451
BR 5800-071
AXIS T8124 High PoE 60 W angled connector
EUR 5026-452
UK 5026-452
US 5026-454
JP 5026-455
AUS 5026-456
KOR 5026-457
AR 5026-458
CN 5026-459
AXIS T8124-E Outdoor Midspan 60 W
EUR 5031-241
UK 5031-241
US 5031-244
JP 5031-244
AUS 5031-241
KOR 5031-241
BR 5031-241
AXIS T8125 AC 24 V
Midspan 60 W
All regions 5900-251
AXIS T8133 30 W Midspan
EUR 5900-292
UK 5900-293
US 5900-294
JP 5900-295
AUS 5900-296
CN 5900-299
BR 5900-212
AXIS T8134 60 W Midspan
EUR 5900-332
UK 5900-333
US 5900-334
JP 5900-335
AUS 5900-336
KOR 5900-337
AR 5900-338
CN 5900-339
BR 5900-312
AXIS T8126 High PoE
Splitter 12V
All regions 5014-501
AXIS T8128 High PoE
Splitter 24V
All regions 5014-511
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Support for Axis PTZ and PTZ dome network cameras
  • IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af compliance
  • Outdoor-ready models

Easier and faster installations

Axis High Power over Ethernet midspans and splitters offer an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for powering network video products - specifically PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) and PTZ dome network cameras - without the need to install power outlets and electrical cabling.

Axis High Power over Ethernet (High PoE) midspans and splitters enable Axis network video products to receive data and power over the same Ethernet cable.

The High PoE products make it easier to install network video products in areas where power cabling and outlets are unavailable. Installation costs are thus reduced.

AXIS T8123 and AXIS T8134 with angled connector are midspans designed for use with AXIS T98A-VE Series with an angled connector cable, ending in a pigtail.

Axis network video compatibility

The midspans and splitters conform to the IEEE 802.3at for powering devices with high power requirements on a network. The midspans are also IEEE 802.3af compliant, which means that they can be used with all Axis network video products with built-in PoE support.

The function of a midspan is to inject power into a network cable. A splitter, which separates data and power coming over an Ethernet cable, is used for a network video product without built-in support for PoE.

Outdoor-ready from -40 °C to 65 °C

The outdoor-ready midspans are IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated, with extended temperature range from -40 °C to 65 °C (-40 °F to 149 °F) at certain output power.

AXIS T8123-E and AXIS T8124-E also offer surge protection for both the AC and the PoE ports ensuring the indoor equipment is protected from outdoor surges. Thanks to the IP66-rated RJ-45 connectors, the installer does not have to open the outdoor midspan, just connect the mains cable and the network video product. AXIS T8124-E is only compatible with AXIS Q60-E PTZ cameras.