September 19, 2006

Axis network cameras in more Stockholm subway and commuter rail stations

Axis Communications has received an additional order from Stockholms lokaltrafik (Stockholm Transport – SL) for installation of network cameras. The order, which comprises about 1,200 network cameras, is part of SL’s security initiative for subway and commuter rail stations.

During the spring, Stockholms lokaltrafik (SL) announced its decision to install Axis network cameras in subway and commuter rail stations to enhance security for SL passengers and employees. Axis network cameras were installed in a number of stations, and in conjunction with continued installations, SL has placed an additional order for Axis network cameras to be installed during the autumn and the beginning of next year.

“The new order is a very pleasing development of the previously established partnership with Visual Defence for installation in SL’s traffic network. Network video that provides high-quality images, cost-efficient installations and allows security personnel to easily access the material are just a few of the advantages that make Axis network cameras suitable for installation in transport applications,” says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications.

The network cameras will monitor the track and platform areas, allowing events to be tracked in real time. The system will generate an alarm when unusual events occur in that the software is able to detect movement, such as movement of persons in the track area. The current project phase includes 80 stations, of which 12 are commuter rail stations. The system can be expanded with more cameras and stations as the need arises.

A combination of the AXIS 225FD and AXIS 212PTZ network cameras will be installed. The AXIS 212PTZ has unique features in that the image can be zoomed to an area of particular interest with a single click by the user and that the camera has no moving parts that would normally wear out. The AXIS 225FD is vandal-proof and can easily be mounted outdoors, which makes it ideal for subway and commuter rail stations and other locations where it is important that the camera is able to withstand external tampering and weather.

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